Did you know that it is possible to earn a nice income thanks to your YouTube channel?

There are different ways to make, at least, an additional salary by publishing quality videos.

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1. Become a YouTuber

For nearly 10 years, a new profession, to say the least, has emerged thanks to the evolution of the Internet and new technologies. This is the profession of youtuber.


A youtubeur, in a few words, is a person who owns a Youtube account, who publishes videos on it focusing on themes such as video games, beauty/fashion, travel, etc.

Becoming a YouTuber may therefore seem relatively simple insofar as it involves creating an account on Youtube, one of the most popular social networks in the world, and then posting videos there. But making a job as a youtuber and earning money from his videos is much more complex!

The profession of youtubeur indeed requires skills related to the ability to express oneself in front of an audience and to capture its attention, but also skills in video editing and marketing. Because yes, without an audience, you will unfortunately not be able to earn money on Youtube.

Besides, most of the famous influencers of the moment got their start on Youtube. We think of:

  • Squeezi,
  • Cyprien,
  • Norman makes videos
  • Tibo Inshape, etc.

The latter earn hundreds of thousands of euros a year thanks to their millions of subscribers.

And when you hold, like them, all the keys to becoming an experienced youtuber, then earning a living using your videos is possible. How? ‘Or’ What ? Find out different ways to do this as you read on.

2. How to make money on Youtube with advertising?

The first way to make money on YouTube is to get paid through ads displayed on your videos.

However, for this method to bring you a few dollars a month, you better have around 10,000 views per video, especially if you choose the cost per view (or per 1,000 views).


If you opt instead for the cost per click, it will be necessary to ensure that the advertisements interest your core target.

For example, avoid spots for feminine hygiene products if your target audience is mostly made up of men.


3. How to make money with sponsored content?

With lots of subscribers and views, you can monetize your visibility. It is on this system that the business model of most influencers is based.

Brands contact you to talk about their products, in exchange, you are paid.

The price will depend on your sector of activity and your influence.


4. How to make money on Youtube with affiliation?

What if you take advantage of your videos to sell products or services that you love?

With affiliation, you encourage users to discover something new. You are paid for each sale sent.

Here, it is not the company that contacts you, but it is you who select the products to sell.

Our advice

Opt for goods or services that you master, on which you can produce quality content, in order to encourage sales.

5. How to make money with link placement?

Some Youtubers include sponsored links in their videos.

For example, if you are making a comparative video on tablets, a multimedia brand might be interested in placing a link on it for a specific period of time.

Of course, to get an interesting remuneration with this means, you must have thousands of views on your videos. The more popular a video is, the higher the cost of a link placement can be.

6. Make money on Youtube with the Super Chat?

A YouTube feature deployed in 2017, but still little known, the Super Chat allows you to monetize comments.

During a live broadcast, your followers can leave comments via Super Chat.

If they want their comment to be visible and pinned to the top of the discussion, they can pay. The money received is for you!

7. Make money selling your services?

Do you have specific expertise? By turning your videos around this theme, you can increase your visibility with a qualified audience.


think about it

Place calls-to-action to encourage users to contact you if they need your advice. You can sell your own training or a consulting service.

8. Make money selling your videos?

Some companies don’t have the time or the means to create their own videos. They sometimes turn to YouTube to look for existing spots to reuse.


Make sure your videos have a license to protect their uses. On the other hand, specify that you are ready to transfer your rights against a remuneration (to be defined according to the quality of the video).

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