Looking for an alternative to the eternal PowerPoint? Discover a selection of original presentation software to hit the mark and convince your interlocutors, customers and prospects.

1) Haiku Deck – the most practical

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Haiku Deck emphasizes simplicity and clarity so you can create professional-looking presentations without being a design expert.

Choose from thousands of templates tailored for all uses: social media report, press release, presentation of a startup…

The software also has a large catalog of royalty-free images to use as you see fit, as well as many filters and fonts.

All these customizable elements are divided into sectors of activity in order to create THE presentation that suits you best.

2) CustomShow – the most aesthetic

“Have impact. Get results. »

This is the motto of CustomShow, a presentation software that highlights your brand (logo, graphic charter, etc.), giving a real personality to your slideshow and expressing the values ​​of your company.

Its powerful editor allows you to create aesthetic and striking presentationsvisible from any medium and easily shareable.

CustomShow also has a fairly extensive library of templates and a very useful analysis tool for measuring the performance of your slideshows online.

And if you are still more comfortable with Microsoft’s software, know that you can import a powerpoint presentation in CustomShow to perfect it.

3) SlideDog – the richest

SlideDog has a slightly different concept, since it allows you to combine all kinds of media and visual content into a dynamic and captivating presentation.

Combine Powerpoint or Prezi presentations, PDF documents, data visualizations and more into a single slideshow.

Other originalities: you can broadcast your live presentations with your audience and even get them to interact using polls and chat.

This software is also distinguished by its freealthough there is a more complete paid version.

4) Slides – simple and effective

As its name suggests, Slides is an online software for creating elegant and aesthetic slides using a modern editor rich in possibilities.

Conference, meeting, face-to-face sales… All situations are good for using Slides, especially since it can be transported everywhere and on all media.

Your slideshows can also be integrated on your website to convince your visitors with visual and original content.

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5) Slidebean – flexible and aesthetic

Slidebean has a selection of great templates allowing you to convey your ideas and arguments in an effective and original way.

Various presentations, sales pitches, marketing reports: this very flexible software adapts to all needs.

In terms of design, many styles and various combinations are available to users, who are also guided by Slidebean’s advice for a successful public presentation.

6) Visme – comprehensive and customizable

Visme lets you tell real visual stories, making even the most boring information interesting and understandable.

Millions of fonts, icons and images will enhance your presentation to make it memorable and accessible from anywhere, on any device.

7) Google Slides – Google simplicity

Google Slides is the made in Google alternative to Powerpoint.

And the king of search engines, which already overshadows Microsoft with Docs and Sheets, offers here a very pleasant and powerful tool.

Equipped with numerous themes and typographies, but also animations and integrated videos, Slides allows you to create effective presentations with the simplicity and clarity dear to Google.

What’s more, it’s totally free.

8) Prezi Business – a benchmark

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning Prezi Business.

Admittedly, Prezi’s reputation is second to none and you probably already know it. But have you heard of its business version?

Equipped with tools specially designed for professionals, this version of Prezi does more than create beautiful interactive presentations.

The software allows you, for example, to create a slideshow simultaneously with collaborators around the world: very useful for dispersed teams.

It also has analytics features to study the performance of your online presentations: time spent by viewers, interactions, etc.

With these 8 software, you can only succeed in your presentations and capture the attention of your prospects and if you can’t get away from PowerPoint you can always fall back on templates, here are 10 sites to find the best templates.

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