Watch is an essential activity for your business. Whether monitoring partners, competitors or influencers, you need powerful tools to save time and optimize your monitoring work. To best carry out this mission, which is essential to your development, Codeur offers you 7 content aggregators to group the sites to be monitored in a single interface!

1. Netvibes

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The principle of the content aggregator is to save you time. You no longer need to connect to each site to monitor, because it does it for you, retrieves new content and presents it in a Dashboard. All you have to do is launch the application in the morning or during your break, and read the content that interests you.

This is what Netvibes offers you. You can even automate certain tasks like sharing articles, on your social networks, according to predefined keywords.

2. Old Reader

Old Reader is an RSS feed aggregator that centralizes monitoring. Very similar to Google Reader, it was one of the best alternatives when this Google service closed. You can export streams to play them in a single interface.

The configuration and use of the software are simple and practical. The connection made by a Google or Facebook account. You can also store and order your feeds in folders for easier reading. Note that this aggregator is available on desktop and mobile.

3. NewsBlur

NewsBlur is a simple and easy to use RSS feed aggregator. A little less practical than others, you have to take the time to take an interest in it to really exploit its full capabilities.

The sources can be added manually to enrich your monitoring or through an OPML file. The side menu allows easy management of files (which can be created with a single click) classified by theme. It’s up to you to classify your links by customer, type of watch (competitive, legal, marketing, etc.) or subject, in order to easily find relevant content.

4. Inoreader

Like all the tools we have just seen, Inoreader allows you to list the sites to monitor. Its objective is to save you as much time as possible by offering you to automatically rank the best content for you. You define keywords and the tool shows you the articles containing the predefined terms first.

Of course, if you prefer, you can display the links in chronological order.

Inoreader also allows you to manage several different flows as a team. This feature is very useful when working with several people on the day before.

5. Hootsuite

There is no denying it, Hootsuite is a great tool for managing social networks and monitoring in general. It also acts as an RSS feed aggregator, since you can integrate your favorite blogs and sites into the Dashboard. This allows you to share interesting articles on your social networks with just a few clicks.

Hootsuite also lets you add columns to the dashboard, along with Twitter searches. You can view tweets published with predefined keywords in real time to find interesting content, react or follow new Internet users.

6. Omea Reader

Omea Reader is less well known than the previous tools, but it is just as intuitive. You can group your feeds into folders to categorize your watch efficiently. A search engine integrated into the tool helps you find interesting content, for your own information or to share on your social networks.

You can also configure Omea Reader to read extracts only or to create personalized views for easier reading.

7. Feedreader

Feedreader is an ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use RSS feed aggregator. Free and in French, it allows you to carry out effective monitoring on selected sites. This tool is useful for classifying and viewing large amounts of content. The reading windows are simple and understated. Enough to quickly see the main information in the content and judge it!

All you have to do is test these tools to find the one that best meets your expectations.

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Do you know of other monitoring tools or platforms? Share them in the comments!

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