Do you always remember to check the spelling and grammar of your web pages, blog posts and other content before hitting “Publish”? If the answer is no, this article should interest you…

The French language is complex and often tricky: that’s why proofreading and correcting a text is a laborious and delicate task… A little assistance is therefore not a refusal.

This is good, even if the free spell checkers online do not replace a correction from a professional corrector, there are very good ones which, if not 100% reliable, will largely chew up the verification work for you.

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Scribens is one of the best tools in French for spelling and grammar correction. Its free formula is more than satisfactory: the site highlights spelling mistakes and suggests corrections that can be applied in a few clicks.

The premium version (€39.90 for one year) will be useful for those looking for extended functionalities: integration with other tools (Word, Gmail, Facebook, etc.), proposals for reformulations…

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BonPatron is another effective online spell checker, although perhaps less intuitive.

Indeed, it frames or underlines errors and wording errors in red and explains the nature of the error using a tooltip, but it does not automatically suggest a correction.

It remains despite everything a very reliable and practical corrector.


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LanguageTool is another effective and intuitive grammar checker, which has the advantage of being able to be installed as an extension for the Firefox browser.

The free version is limited to 20,000 characters per translation, which is still quite substantial. Beyond that, you can purchase the premium version for €59 per year.


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The Larousse spell checker is based on Cordial, a renowned software in the field.

It therefore benefits from a good level of spelling and grammatical correction, but has the disadvantage of being limited to 1000 characters.


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Reverso is one of the best-known online translation tools, but the site also offers a free spelling service.

Once the text has been verified, Reverso automatically makes changes and identifies them with a bold blue font.

Unfortunately, it is generally a little less reliable than its alternatives, not perceiving certain subtleties and rules of grammar (especially when it comes to the past participle).

For example, trying to translate the phrase ” Number of words limited to 2000“, Reverso adds an “s” to the word “limited”, when it is indeed the number that is limited.

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