Is the spreadsheet has-been? Far from there !

Many companies and independent contractors use this tool on a daily basis for their task management, budgets or reports.

If Excel remains a must, this paid solution is not necessarily suitable for all budgets. Fortunately, there are free and effective alternatives that we present to you in this article.

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Free solutions

1.Google Sheets

Probably the most popular alternative, Sheets fills the role of a spreadsheet for the most common uses.

Getting started is extremely easy and the software works very similar to Excel. Where Google Sheets offers significant advantages is in data storage, which is done in the cloud. As a SaaS solution (software as a service), Sheets does not need physical integration on the computer. It is therefore accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

It also allows spreadsheets to be shared with other members, which makes it a good and interesting collaborative tool.

Advantages :

  • Different template
  • Cloud storage
  • Collaborative tool
  • Ease of handling
  • Advanced features

2. Calc

Calc is a solution developed by LibreOffice and is one of the most popular alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite. It presents itself as Excel, less modernity. Nevertheless, all the essential functions are represented.

In addition, it is possible to save the file in Open Document format (.ods), which makes it compatible with other software including Excel. A completely honest Open Source solution.

LibreOffice, which previously belonged to Open Office, takes over all the functionalities of Excel and is supplemented by a suite very similar to Microsoft Office, including word processing and PowerPoint-type presentation software, in particular.

LibreOffice Calc

Advantages :

  • Interface similar to Excel
  • Compatibility with Excel
  • Dynamic tables

3. Zoho Sheets

Here is a very interesting solution as well. Zoho Sheets is also cloud-based, giving you access to your data wherever you are.

Among the key features, it is possible to lock cells. In the context of a collaborative project, this can be very useful to minimize the risk of modifying files.

Zoho Sheet

Advantages :

  • Cloud storage
  • Real-time collaborative tool
  • Cell locking
  • Save history so you don’t lose your data

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In the series of free spreadsheet software, here is Numbers. Apple’s solution to offer an equivalent to Excel. The application offers many templates and very qualitative visualization and reporting tools.

It also converts data into professional presentations and polished visuals. The tool is collaborative, allowing real-time sharing and editing.

At last, last but not leastNumbers spreadsheets can be saved in Excel format to allow employees who wish to use Microsoft software to work in parallel on this tool.


Advantages :

  • Many templates
  • Graphics
  • Smart Categorization
  • Compatibility with Excel

5. Gnumeric

GNumeric is an Open Source software that aims to be an honest alternative to Excel.

Able to perform complex calculations, it is ideal for slow computers due to its low data transmission.

GNumeric allows you to create graphs and reports. Saved documents are compatible with Excel. However, the software is only available in English and only works on Linux.


Advantages :

  • Light
  • Complex calculations
  • Compatibility with Excel

Paid solutions

If you want to take task management a step further, the free alternatives may not be enough. Here are 3 very interesting paid solutions.


Jira is a complete solution that appeals to many companies.

Among its great assets, it is particularly indicated in the use of agile methods. The different functionalities of the software make it possible in particular to create kanban as well as scrum boardsroadmaps or customizable workflows.



Free trial version for 7 days then pricing from $10 per month (increase depending on the number of users).


Through a spreadsheet interface, Smartsheet offers a comprehensive and highly customizable tool.

It is possible to attach files, create member areas, view log activity, set up reminders and the tool is of course collaborative.



Free trial for 14 days. The first plan starts at $14/month for individuals then $25/user for professionals. Larger structures should contact the sales department for prices.

Air table

SaaS solution based in a cloud, Airtable offers a spreadsheet mixed with a solid database for an optimal user experience.

Task management is simplified and made fun by the interface. The design is pleasant and the documents easily accessible from any terminal.

Air table


It is possible to use the free version which provides most of the functionality. Paid plans start at $10/user per month. Billing is done annually.

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