Do you want to manage your e-mails easily and for free from your computer without going through online messaging (webmail)?

So don’t miss this selection of best free email clients for Windows, Mac and Linux.

To note : some free and popular mail clients like Opera Mail or Windows Live Mail are not mentioned because they are no longer supported by their respective developers.

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Mozilla Thunderbird: the open source reference

Thunderbird is probably the most famous alternative to Outlook – it is also heavily inspired by it.

Created by Mozilla, the team behind the Firefox browser, this email management tool is very comprehensive: agenda and RSS feed management, compatibility with all operating systems, etc.

Free and open source, Thunderbird is secure (even though it no longer receives major updates, it is still regularly maintained) and offers effective protection against spam.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux

Mailspring: modern and efficient

mailspring email client

Mailspring is another email client not to be overlooked: its very neat design and its simple and intuitive use make it one of the best current solutions.

Despite the blocking of certain advanced features – for example, the tracking of clicks and email openings – which are reserved for the pro version, the free formula of the software is very convincing.

Mailspring is however reserved for English speakers, having (for the moment) no translation.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux

Foxmail: the Chinese alternative

foxmail email client

Foxmail is a Chinese messaging solution, very popular in Asia, which has the advantage of having been fully translated into French. It’s completely free – not freemium – like Thunderbird.

It incorporates all the features expected of an email client, whether for personal or professional use – despite some flaws in its message editor, for example.

Available on Windows and Mac

Mailbird Lite: a global solution

mailbird mail client

More than an email client, Mailbird is a global communication platform that covers email, chat, and file transfer in one place.

But its free version Mailbird Litealthough limited, is a very good choice if you are looking for simple and intuitive email management software that can be configured in a jiffy.

Available on Windows

eM Client: a very complete email client

em client messaging software

eM Client is a very rich messaging software, which integrates an automatic translation system and even instant messaging.

In addition, it greatly facilitates the migration of contacts and messages from other services (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), which makes it a particularly easy-to-access tool.

Main downside: the free version is limited to 2 accounts.

Available on Windows and Mac

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