Our society is evolving at high speed, driven by digitization and new uses. In this context, certain professions are set to disappear while others present themselves as professions of the future.

Certain trades which were until then rather spared also have an uncertain future with the COVID-19 crisis, such as tourism, culture, events or physical commerce.

Are you tempted by a professional retraining? Are you wondering which profession to do or which profession to choose for a retraining? Or, before starting professional training for the future, do you want to make sure you are banking on a promising sector with outlets? In this article, we will enlighten you on the trades that recruit the most to help you make the right choices 👌

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Jobs of the future: what are the jobs of tomorrow?

According to the Future of Jobs 2020 report from the World Economic Forum, the most promising occupations of the future in the next 5 years can be classified into 8 areas. These are the jobs that recruit the most, with significant needs today and tomorrow.

The professions of the future: cloud computing

Cloud computing, or cloud computing, refers to access to remote computing resources. For example, these may be Saas (Software as a Service) solutions such as ERP, CRM, e-commerce solutions, videoconferencing platforms or messaging tools. These tools have exploded in recent years, some driven by the rise of teleworking.

Here is the list of future jobs in cloud computing:

  • Site reliability engineer
  • Cloud platform engineer
  • Cloud Engineer / Consultant
  • Engineer / DevOps Manager

The jobs of tomorrow: content creation

Today, content is king! Companies have never had so much need for original, impactful and relevant content to convince and seduce. Content serves a multitude of purposes: brand awareness, visibility, lead generation or sales. It can be written, visual or video. And the distribution media are numerous: websites, social networks or even e-mailings.

Here is the list of future jobs in content creation:

  • Community Manager / Social media assistant
  • Web editor / Copywriter / Content creator
  • Content Manager / Content Lead

Note that for all these trades, it is important to have SEO and web referencing skills so that your client manages to generate traffic to their high added value content. If you are looking for advice on how to become a web copywriter, you can check out our article on working from home. There you will find tips for getting started as a web editor.

The professions of the future: data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

future data jobs

If there is one area that is exploding, it is that of data and Artificial Intelligence. It’s a real revolution, with many applications ranging from industry to healthcare. All companies seek to capitalize on data and Artificial Intelligence, to obtain more insights and optimize their performance. Big Data and AI skills are in high demand.

Here is the list of jobs of tomorrow in data and artificial intelligence:

  • Artificial Intelligence Expert / Consultant
  • Big Data Expert / Consultant
  • Analytics Expert / Consultant
  • Data Engineer / Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst

The professions of the future: web development

Developers do not know the crisis! This type of profile is in great demand today to support the creation of websites, mobile applications, software and computer programs. And, as the demand is greater than the supply with developers solicited from all sides, salaries are skyrocketing! Many developers thus choose to become freelance in order to be able to select their missions and work more freely.

Here are the most sought after profiles in web development:

  • Python / Javascript / DotNet Developer
  • Engineer / Full stack / front end / back end developer
  • IT Project Manager

The professions of the future: marketing

list of jobs of the future

Marketing continues to develop, and especially digital marketing, which represents an ever-increasing share of companies’ marketing budgets. 89% of the French population now uses the Internet according to Hootsuite. The time spent online continues to increase, averaging over 5 hours per day, according to Hootsuite. It is easy to understand that digital marketing has become essential to attract consumers and influence their purchasing journeys!

Here is the list of the professions of tomorrow in marketing:

  • Head of Growth / Growth Hacker
  • Digital Marketing Expert / Consultant
  • SEO expert
  • Digital Expert / Consultant
  • Marketing director

The jobs of tomorrow: human resources management

Good human resource management is fundamental for any business. It is about attracting and recruiting the right profiles, developing the skills of the teams but also ensuring motivation and commitment. HR teams are the guarantors of the company’s culture. Through their actions, they create a culture where everyone can flourish and which reflects the values ​​of the company. At a time of questioning, of the search for meaning of many employees and of professional retraining to organize, HR has its work cut out for it to shape the work of tomorrow.

Here is the list of jobs of the future in human resources:

  • Recruitment Officer / IT Recruiter
  • Sourcing manager / Talent Acquisition
  • HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner)
  • Operational HR Manager
  • Chief Happiness Officer

The professions of the future: product development

which profession to choose

Innovation plays an essential role today. To develop and stand out, companies must constantly innovate and launch new products. The creation of a new product is a complex process, which involves several professions, some of which are quite recent around project management. Start-ups, renowned for their innovative methods of product development, have contributed to the growth of these businesses.

Here is the list of the professions of tomorrow in product development:

  • Product Owner / Product Analyst
  • Scrum Master / Agile Coach
  • Quality Manager
  • Product manager
  • Project Manager

The professions of the future: sales

While many new professions are emerging, sales remain the sinews of war! Companies are looking for good salespeople and customer relationship ambassadors, able to build loyalty and ensure customer retention in an increasingly competitive world. The strategy and the commercial policy of the company are thus primordial subjects.

Here is the list of tomorrow’s sales jobs:

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Commercial / Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Responsible for / Head of Partnerships
  • Commercial director
  • Strategy Director
  • E-commerce Expert / Consultant
  • E-commerce entrepreneur

If you choose the latter profession, you become your own boss by opening an online store on the Internet. E-commerce has exploded in recent years and the health crisis has further boosted the sector, which has never done so well. E-commerce is quite simply the future of commerce!

You now know the 8 sectors of the future and the promising trades to be favored within the framework of a retraining or a training profession of the future. This does not mean that other more niche professions do not have potential: areas such as e-health, home automation or smart cities are also booming. You can also consider becoming a trainer to support these developments.

Jobs of the future: the job market of tomorrow

Before concluding this article, here are some considerations on the future of work and changes in the labor market: self-employment, importance of soft skills and side projects.


If the CDI has long been the norm, freelance work is developing more and more. In France, more than one in 10 people are now self-employed, working on their own account. Many professions of the future can be exercised as a freelance such as consultant, web editor, trainer or project manager. The rise of e-commerce also offers new entrepreneurial opportunities without necessarily having solid skills in its early stages, such as launching a Shopify online store or a dropshipping business.

The importance of soft skills

future of work

In a constantly changing world, soft skills are becoming as important as hard skills. It’s not just about having technical skills, but being able to adapt and bounce back. When we ask recruiters about the soft skills expected tomorrow, they most often cite strategic thinking, the ability to solve problems, autonomy, resilience, the ability to resist stress and teamwork.

Side projects

While recruiters are increasingly interested in soft skills, they also tend to look at the candidate’s experience beyond their academic profile and professional experiences. Side projects have become a determining element. So, what better way to demonstrate your digital marketing skills than running your own e-commerce or dropshipping site? It can also be the first step towards entrepreneurship. Some companies even give their employees time to develop their side projects.

In summary, here is the list of jobs of the future and jobs that are recruiting in 2022:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Content creation
  3. Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  4. IT development
  5. Marketing
  6. Human resources management
  7. Product development
  8. Sales and e-commerce


The world of work is therefore changing in a context of increased digitization, with the emergence of new technologies and the rise of e-commerce. We hope to have answered your questions like “What profession to do? “Or” Which profession to choose for a retraining? “.

This can be an opportunity to rethink your job but also your relationship to work. Many of us today aspire to a better work-life balance, with more time for ourselves. What if you had a profession of the future as an entrepreneur or freelance?

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