Large investments are not necessarily essential to feel good at home! But this notion of well-being remains essential because it allows you to be happy, safe and comfortably installed while being yourself. The exterior is obviously not to be set aside to optimize this well-being factor!

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Without necessarily being aware of it, the house is a place where everyone spends a lot of time. Feeling good there has therefore become an essential objective for oneself, one’s family, but also for the people who are invited there. This is where feng shui can come in handy…

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is considered an ancient art originating in China. This method is based on the harmonization of “Chi”, theenergy circulating around oneself with amplitude and undulations. This takes place through the layout parts of a house or apartmentbut also the garden, considered as an extension of the living space.

Feng shui is based on the fact that the interior reflects the personality of its inhabitants. If the place is messy, it can negatively impact their daily lives.

Adopt feng shui in your interior makes it possible to correct the energies, to better balance them to achieve serenity thanks to the visual harmony brought by the layout. If feng shui is intended to be customizable and carried out with the help of a professional, certain basic rules can nevertheless be applied.

How to reorganize your house using feng shui?

  • Tip 1: arrange your living room

the living room is considered to be the central room of the house, the one in which you spend a large part of your time. The decorations and plants pointed or protruding shapes are not welcome there, they prevent the Chi from flowing easily. A large room must be decorated with screensgreen plants and other decorative objects to divide it to prevent the energy from being “lost”. Converselyit is expedient that a small living room is not overloaded.

The colors lights enlarge the space and bring brightness which must be as direct as possible, if not enlightening. A light subdued is recommended for your moments of reading for example.

Opt for a sofa with rounded shapes that you will never install back to a door or a wall, but around a central point such as a coffee table or a chimney.

  • Tip 2: organize the bedroom

The bedroom is intended to be restful since this is its primary function. Colors, materials and forms must evoke softness, lightness, comfort and rest. It is essential that it be orderly with little furniture so that the Chi can move. Your bed is positioned against a solid wall and not under a window or under shelves. The mirrors and electronic devices should be kept away to avoid disturbing the sleep and the lighting should be light and dim.

  • Tip 3: have an adapted kitchen

According to the precepts of feng shui, the kitchen is linked to the food and therefore to wealth, health and family. This space should be clearly organized with elements arranged in blocks to avoid constantly moving around. The kitchen should not have its back to the door and it is appropriate that the tables, the worktops, but also the cupboards be stowed. Materials and colors can evoke the heat : yellow, brown or off-white and, for example, wood associated with stone.

  • Tip 4: create a harmonious garden

In the garden, feng shui is respectful of nature. The passages leading to your entrance will however be clear. Prefer curves to straight lines for more harmony. Plants must have foliagecolors, textures and different shapes to maintain balance and don’t forget to maintain them regularly. Do not hesitate to add a water point in your garden, a symbol of serenity. Pots and statues can be of materials different, always with the aim of balance. Finally, for your furniture, opt for natural materials with rounded shapes!

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