If you dedicate yourself to Storyboarding or want to work on this complex and, of course, complete discipline, at notodoanimacion.es we have compiled for you a selection of the best examples and templates for storyboarding of the entire network. A compilation with different types and structures for any type of project.

As promised, one of our goals is to create a collection of the best boards on Pinterest for animators, illustrators, and digital artists. That is why we have prepared this new and endless selection of references and a source of inspiration for those lovers and professionals of the graphic script or storyboard.

*UPDATE: Important notice. On August 21 CLIP STUDIO PAINT, one of the best programs specialized tools for creating storyboards (until now the only mobile devices it was available on were iPhone and iPad) has gone on sale for Galaxy (Android smartphones and tablets). Also you can use it completely free during the first six months. Take advantage, now is a good time to try it on your Galaxy device. Here is a link to the press release.

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What is a Storyboard and what is it for?

Although the translation would come to be storyboard, the most complete definition of storyboard is the tool that helps us communicate a story graphically. The first foray into action in an animation shot, feature film or commercial. A multidisciplinary profession in which a deep knowledge of other disciplines such as composition, narrative, script, drawing, cinematographic language and some animation.

The storyboard or storyboard is a manual to build a story and make her understand. In this sense, it not only serves as a guide to preview a scene before it is made, but also as a guide to communicate with the rest of the production team.

From a storyboard we can evaluate the needs, the type of shots, the locations, the characters involved, the development of the action, even the budget. In this link we explain how to make a good Storyboard, below we leave you our collection of references where you will find dozens of story board templates to download form free.

story board templates

What is an Animatic?

There are several storyboard types. Depending on its structure, quality or phase of the process, we can find from simple collages made up of quick sketches called thumbnails, through the classic vignette with annotations, to super detailed and colored storyboards with a level that borders on the masterpiece.

For some years now the storyboard has evolved what is known as animatics. The animatic is a storyboard mounted and animated on a timeline (video). A tool that also helps you assess if the timing is correct, even before having the film. In my case, it is also used to animate other elements within each plane, add audio (voiceover and music). This saves us huge amounts of time and tests when producing content.

here you have a example of a storyboard taken to the highest level of animatics, used in a famous 3d animation movie. If you want to know more, don’t miss our selection of Storyboard Tutorials in Spanish.

Programs and tools

All these techniques are performed digitally with programs like Clip Studio Paint. A very powerful software packed with specialized tools, predefined templates, timeline and onion skinning for animatic creation, camera movement functions and everything you need to create god-level storyboards. And what I like the most is that it is also a drawing and image editing software very similar to photoshop, in which you can also make animation. At the end you will find a link to a review very complete of this tool.

You can use the comic tools for layout thumbnails and storyboards (Templates, crop and vignetting marks, dialog tools, pagination,…), and on the other hand use the animation cels to create animatics (animated storyboards). If you don’t know it, I recommend you try it. Plus it’s free for the first 3 months 😉.

storyboarding programs
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StoryBoard & Animatic References | Examples & Templates

Welcome to our most narrative board, a distillation of the best examples and templates to create storyboard for advertising, series and of course, animated movies that we have been able to find. (Some in PDF)

Welcome to the StoryBoard sheet & Animatic References for Story Artists. 👈

Also, if you are looking for more templates, resources and tricks this link to the Clip Studio Paint community will find some tutorials and tips for creating Storyboards.


story board template


storyboard examples


If you are interested in Animation, Character Design and Storyboard We have prepared a review of the CLIP STUDIO PAINT tools for you. A program that makes life easier for professionals and amateurs in the world of 3D animation. Do not miss our review, opinion and comparison of CLIP STUDIO PAINT. IMPORTANT: if you are interested in anime, in the Clip Studio Paint official websiteyou will find hundreds of Animation and Digital Art tutorials in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

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