Being a teacher has always been a very well-regarded profession in the communities, since it is the teacher who raises the knowledge of his students so that they can become great people, well educated, with values ​​and principles.

While it is true that in many places teachers receive lousy salaries, it is also true that the Internet has become the ideal setting to give them the opportunity to earn money being an online teacher.

This led to the creation of educational platforms where they could have the opportunity to teach their classes comfortably, having experts in the area to help them develop their teaching materials for each course.


So let’s take advantage of this article so that you get to know these portals in a basic way and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and knowledge:

Where to earn money being an online teacher?

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Essentially, there are two ways to be an online teacher, the first is recording a course on a subject that you master and uploading it to an online course platform and the second is teaching live classes, which can be both online and in person and to a person or a group (according to your preference).

If you have recorded or want to record a course and want to earn money with it, you can upload it to the following platforms:

1. Udemy


If you want to go start with one platform where courses are taught in several languages you can stop by Udemy.

This platform is excellent to earn money being an online teacher and it is ideal because many people who want to get out of everyday life become full-time or part-time instructors to teach their knowledge to millions of students willing to pay for your work.

To be an instructor of this popular online course platform, you will only need a topic to teach, a desire to teach and learn new things, time to dedicate to your students and an internet connection. You can see more details on how to make money with Udemy in this article.

2. Tutellus


To get off to a good start, let’s talk about Tutellus. This platform is designed to teach and learn a large amount of content in Spanish.

In fact, it is the largest company of its kind in Spanish that there is, since it gives the opportunity to obtain a job to those who are interested in share knowledge in exchange for money.

Currently, they handle two types of subscription plans: the UNLIMITED, which allows you to access all content for a monthly or annual fee; Y THE INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE, which is basically paying to access a course (the traditional method).

You should also know that Tutellus has an affiliate platform, so you can also earn money promoting courses from other instructors.

3. TasksPlus


This platform focuses on teaching rather technical subjects, in particular mathematics, physics, chemistry, algebra, among other topics that have to do with what was learned in college.

If you are a college or high school teacher and need a little more pay, this is the perfect place for you. In TasksPlus you can teach classes from your home to anyone in the world using only an Internet connection.

It is also focused mainly on the Spanish language although has a Portuguese version, and every day it gains more visibility in the area of ​​online education.

4. Teachlr

earn money being an online teacher

It will not be possible to leave this article without talking about Teachlr. This is a platform where all courses are given through videos in Spanish, for those who like give your classes in a more face-to-face way through a screen and that they are comfortable doing this.

On the other hand, if your thing is to give live classes, either online or in person, these platforms can help you:

If you’re language teacher, you should check:

  • Verbling
  • Italki
  • Lingoda
  • Fiverr: although it is not a platform in Spanish or specific to teach languages, you can advertise yourself as a teacher and get students from all over the world there.

If you teach classes of various subjects, whether for primary, secondary or university, then you should check the following platforms:

  • TusClases: this platform is available to all teachers from Spain and Latin America, in addition to having a presence in other countries such as Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and France
  • SuperProf: another platform for online teachers with presence in countries of the American continent, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
  • ClassOnLive: this Spanish platform allows you to manage your own online academy, that is, you can not only teach live classes, but also upload your own courses, recordings of face-to-face classes, take exams, etc.
  • ClassGap: with presence in several countries in Latin America and EuropeSurely you can teach classes and get students through this platform.
  • Teachable: on this platform you can upload and manage your online course, so that you retain control over their marketing and sales.
  • I approve: This educational platform is focused on Argentina. There you can create your teacher profile and set your schedules, rates for both face-to-face class and online class and preferred payment methods.
  • Jelpin: It is a platform focused on independent professionalss that offer services both in person and virtual. Teachers can complete their profile and start teaching within 48 hours.
  • Tutoring: similar to the previous platforms, here you can offer your online teacher services and set your rates and schedules.

If you want earn money being an online teacherSo here you have these excellent educational platforms. Where are you going to teach today? 🙂

Do you want to know other platforms to earn money? Visit this article 🙂

Article published in October 2015. Updated in July 2021.

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