We have prepared a selection of sites and resources for you to train you for free in web professions.

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These different sites are training specialists who offer free, quality content. We have also added training offered by Facebook, Google and Twitter. They make it possible to be professionally operational on their tools. Do you know of other great resources? Do not hesitate to add them in comments.

My training

The MaFormation site (HelloWork group, BDM editor) lists many training courses for professionals, in various fields such as office automation, communication, graphics, IT, marketing or the web. Most of these training courses are fully funded by CPF (public funding system for continuing education).


Khanacademy is a classic: everything is free, and the courses are of excellent quality. The “IT” category intended for web professionals is particularly extensive. Recently, some training courses on the site are available in French.


Hundreds of free courses on different themes: Android, Data, iOS, Machine Learning, VR, web development… The courses are classified by level and are very well done on Udacity.


The Edx platform brings together courses from several renowned universities: MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UBC… All courses are free, and you can train in “Computer science”. Nearly 3,500 courses are accessible.


Saylor is a quality resource with complete courses in many areas (development, business, communication, English, mathematics…), accompanied by a “final exam” and an evaluation.


The Coursera site offers a large number of training courses and free MOOCs. The best universities offer these different courses which are comprehensive and serious. They concern various fields: development, blockchain, deep learning, etc.


Udemy offers free and paid courses. The level is not always very sharp, but it allows you to learn about certain themes on which you are new to. The site covers a wide variety of topics with over 155,000 online courses.

France Digital University

Only courses in French, and free, in a MOOC format. France Université Numérique is now a benchmark, and is taking advantage of partnerships with several French universities to offer around fifty computer courses.

Class Central

Class Central is a huge resource for web professionals: over 4000 courses in development and 360 courses in Data Science. The site functions as an aggregator and offers courses from different sites.


Another quality resource and in French. The OpenClassrooms site offers hundreds of courses in various fields. Bookmark this if you are looking to train online.

Quick Code

Quick Code is a real gold mine: the site only compiles free online training. The technologies are classified by major families: AI, Big Data, Chatbot, Crypto currencies, Databases, Data, Mobile development, Voice assistants, Web development …


LeetCode is a platform that offers both free and paid training, entirely intended for developers. It helps to improve skills and expand knowledge, but also to prepare for technical interviews.

Unity Learn

Unity Learn offers free training focused on its interactive development software (free for individuals). On the program: 2D, 3D, graphics and visual effects, user interface …

Training offered by Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Advertising is ubiquitous on social networks and on the web in general. It is for this reason that Twitter, Facebook and Google offer free training courses for advertisers. They aim to present their tools, and to introduce professionals to the different interfaces.

Twitter Flight School

The Twitter platform includes training, particularly for advertising tools, and resources (guides, case studies, etc.). Practical and relatively complete to learn about the Twitter ecosystem.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook’s training is really sharp and goes around the advertising tool with precision. The goal of these courses: to make you an advertiser capable of making the best use of the various functionalities. The course catalog is exhaustive and each course ends with a small exam.

Google for pros

Google training for professionals looking to familiarize themselves with the Google ecosystem. A little light, but nevertheless allows you to get acquainted with the Google tools and the possibilities offered.

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