When choosing a font for your website, you should pay attention to its readability. You must also ensure that it appears correctly on all browsers and devices used by Internet users.

It is therefore not enough to stupidly follow web design trends. The choice of a professional typography is not insignificant.

If you don’t know which one to use, take a look at our selection of 15 fonts that are ideal for your company’s website or for your professional portfolio.

Abril Fatface is a serif font that features curved lines. Its slightly playful aesthetic exudes a warm and friendly energy.

You can use this typography to add a touch of creativity to your website.

Simple, clear, uniform: this is how we can describe the font Fjalla One.

With such typography, the text is pleasant to read, whatever its size, and your site will appear modern.

Typo Fjalla One

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The Hammersmith font was inspired by handwritten brush letters.

The lines are smooth and you will notice the point of the “i” slightly angled. This detail brings a touch of creativity to this typography which is seemingly simple.

Typo Hammersmith

The Oswald typeface is in a way a modern version of Alternate Gothic.

Immortalized in the YouTube logo, this typography is ideal for giving a simple and modern style to your titles.

Type Oswald

If you’re looking for handwritten yet professional typography, look no further: Pacifico is the one for you.

For a portfolio or a luxurious brand, this typeface adds a laid-back vibe.

Type Pacifico

Slightly futuristic, the Dosis sans serif font is ideal for science and technology websites.

Type Dose

The Josefin Sans font is ideal for ready-to-wear, cosmetics or design brands.

Both sophisticated and elegant, geometric characters are sure to bring a little femininity to your web design.

Josefin without Typography

Raleway is particularly suitable for large and large titles.

The font is composed of several variants allowing you to give an elegant look to your site with thin characters, or a more “robust” style with thicker characters.

Type Raleway

A great classic, you might say. It’s true, but with Times New Roman you won’t take any risks.

This serif typeface is all about professionalism and its readability is well established. So you can use it to give a classic and elegant look to your website.

Times New Roman

The Montserrat sans serif font can be used almost anywhere on your website, both in your titles and in your texts.

It will give a facelift to your web design and it is no surprise that it is found on many creative web agency sites.

montserrat typo

Poiret One offers a bit of freshness thanks to the easily recognizable geometric characters and the inclined transverse lines.

This clean typography is very elegant and is perfect for titles and short texts that you can style.

Poiret One

As with the previous typography, you can use League Spartan for your titles, body copy, and calls-to-action.

Derived from Century Gothic Bold, this sans serif font remains legible, simple and professional.

Spartan League

The Roboto sans serif font can give your site a professional yet welcoming look. Indeed, you will notice that the characters are geometric, but also curved in certain places.

This typography can be used if you are looking to create a minimalist design.

Roboto Typo

Developed especially for screens, the Merriweather serif font remains readable even in a small size.

Typography remains sophisticated – whether you use it standard, bold or italic – and effortlessly conveys the seriousness of a brand.

merriweather typo

The Libre Baskerville serif typeface inspires confidence.

This typography will find its place perfectly on websites in the field of finance, for example.

Free Baskerville

This is already the end of our selection but if you are used to using another font for your professional projects, do not hesitate to share them in the comments.

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