Occupational safety is an issue of great importance that concerns both workers and employers. It is essential to have the necessary security measures and equipment to carry out work activities in a safe manner. it is a right of the employees and a responsibility of the companies.

In recent years, the trend has changed and the number of workplace accidents has decreased. However, this can change at any time, which is why it is very important to be aware of the issue of safety and health in the workplace.

Businesses and job security

Each company must follow various safety standards and maintain the optimal conditions necessary for workers to carry out their activities in the safest way possible.

The main body in charge of regulating standards and provisions to monitor safety at work is the ILO (International Labor Organization), they are in charge of the permanent improvement of working conditions.

Some statistics indicate that the causes of death of workers are generally due to traffic accidents, cardiovascular diseases, electrical contacts, falls from heights, blows and falls of loads in logistics activities, and access to confined spaces without complying with security measures. necessary. Except for cardiovascular diseases, which is something that is prevented in the area most related to health, the rest are dealt with from the specialty of occupational safety.

The human factor is usually the main cause that causes these accidents, which is why it is so necessary to have the industrial safety tools To prevent them, information and the application of certain procedures to prevent them are important.

Specialists in occupational risk prevention are in charge of evaluating and controlling the dangers or risks associated with work activity and promoting measures aimed at preventing and avoiding risks. In the same way, they inform and train workers about the scope of the risks that derive from their work, as well as having the means to avoid them.

It is the responsibility of employers that their employees have the best conditions in occupational safety and hygiene. They are required to comply with the safety standards of all manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment, products and work tools that will be used in the production process.

safety measures at work

Below we will leave you some safety tips at work that each worker should know and thus create a safe work environment based on shared responsibility.

1) Be aware of the environment and identify possible risks

We must be aware of the risks that our work may present. Once these risks are known, we must stay away if possible from those potentially dangerous areas, as well as from any risk situation.

Potential hazards on a job site can range from an everyday tool in poor condition, to a wet and slippery floor not properly marked. It is important to identify them and communicate them to supervisors.

It is also necessary to know all the specific safety regulations in our work area regarding work safety, especially if we are in areas or jobs with higher risk potential.

2) Provide guidance and training for work

Many of the accidents in companies occur in the first 6 months of work. For this reason, it is necessary to train each worker in industrial hygiene and safety, it is important that they attain the necessary knowledge to carry out their work in a competent and safe manner.

Every time new personnel are hired, it is necessary to give them the necessary guidance regarding their work, in order to prevent possible risks and accidents during the performance of their professional duties.

3) Take care of your posture

If they work sitting down, it is necessary to maintain a correct posture to avoid back problems. If it is necessary to lift things, they must do it the right way so they don’t get hurt. If possible, use ergonomic equipment in the furniture, and the appropriate safety equipment.

4) Take regular breaks

Many work-related injuries and illnesses are due to the worker being tired or exhausted, therefore not alert to their surroundings. Taking regular breaks will help us stay fresh and alert at work.

5) Monitor the activities of workers

One way to guarantee the safety of workers is through the supervision and instruction of their work. This can be done by supervisors or workers with more experience in safety procedures.

6) Use tools and machinery correctly

It is necessary that the necessary precautions be taken in the use of tools, do not use shortcuts, this is the cause of occupational accidents. It is very dangerous, for example, to use a scaffold as a ladder, or to use an unsuitable tool. If we do this correctly we can decrease the chances of injury at work.

7) Keep emergency exits accessible

In this way, at the time of an emergency, you will have quick and easy access to the exit. It is recommended to maintain clear access to the equipment shutdown in case it is necessary to quickly stop the functions.

8) Inform the supervisor about risk conditions

Any hazardous situation on the job site should be reported to the supervisor. They are the ones who have the obligation to ensure that workers have a safe work environment.

9) Do not work while intoxicated

Alcohol and drugs are the cause of many occupational accidents, due to the fact that workers’ judgment, coordination, motor control, concentration or alertness are compromised.

10) Reduce work stress

Stress can cause depression and concentration problems. Stress problems at work need to be discussed with supervisors to try to resolve them.

11) Use the proper safety equipment

Depending on the activity that is carried out, it is necessary to use: Earplugs, earmuffs, safety glasses, gloves, partial or full masks, harness, all this will help reduce the risk of injuries at work.

The company is obliged to provide workers with the appropriate equipment and the necessary training for its correct use. And the worker has the right to demand that he be provided with the necessary tools to carry out his work as well as the duty to give them the proper use.

12) Know what your rights and responsibilities are

If the activity to be carried out has been studied and we know how to do it and what means will be used, then risks can also be prevented. Knowing the necessary safety procedures will give us the opportunity to work in a safer and healthier environment.

This is why it is important to be informed of any changes regarding security regulations and to check that policies and procedures are updated. That workers are involved in job security it is favorable to create safer and calmer work environments.

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