Do you know what people think of your business? Warren Buffet said that “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it”. A dissatisfied customer, a negative opinion on a platform or a defamatory article on a blog and the image of your brand is tarnished. On the internet, everything goes fast, very fast, maybe even too fast, but that’s the game!

You must constantly monitor the information posted about your business, whether on blogs, forums or social networks. This will allow you to react quickly if a customer complains about your services.

But it is not only to prevent the worst that you have to monitor your e-reputation. Sometimes a user speaks well of your services and recommends you. It is also advisable to react quickly in this case, to thank him for his benevolence and thus encourage him to renew his confidence in you.

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You can recruit a freelance community manager to monitor your e-reputation or use 10 tools to be alerted as soon as someone mentions your name or your company on the web.

1-Google Alerts

The best-known monitoring tool is undoubtedly Google Alerts.

It is very easy to configure and allows you to receive an email as soon as you are mentioned on the web. Completely free, you can create as many alerts as you want: on your name, on your company name, on the name of your services, etc.

However, this tool only brews sites and blogs. You will therefore not be aware of what is being said on social networks or in forums.

2 – Omgili


Omgili is a search engine that helps you check your e-reputation on blog articles, news media or forums. You enter your keyword (your name, your company name, your brand, etc.) and the tool takes out all the content with this term.

One of the particularly interesting features of Omgili is to show you live if there are comments under the article. So, if you see a flattering text, but which includes reactions, you can go and check if they are also positive and in any case, respond in turn.

3 – WebMii


WebMii is particularly useful for freelancers. This search engine shows your internet visibility score based on your presence on social networks, on the internet and your Klout index.

But the tool also offers you the photos that stand out on your name, as well as the associated keywords. This allows you to verify that there are no suspicious visuals or negative related searches.

4 – Synthesis


Very complete, Synthesio is a French tool that allows you to trace all the results of the web, on one or more given keywords. You can be alerted in real time when a user publishes content with your brand or company on social networks, forums, blogs or any website. Its great particularity compared to its competitors is also to offer results from foreign social networks such as Weibo, Renren, VKontakte or Orkut.

In addition, it is easy to spot positive and negative information and monitor the general tone of the exchanges concerning your name or company. Indeed, Synthesio assigns a feeling to the publications, helping you to detect a potential bad-buzz.

The tool is chargeable and it will be necessary to make an estimate with the company to know the exact prices.

5 – Radarly


Radarly is also a French software. Specialized in social media intelligence, it mainly allows you to manage your reputation on social networks. It presents many relevant indicators for your activity, concerning the perception of your company on social spaces. You have the option of directly managing the relationship with your subscribers from the tool’s dashboard. This helps you keep a history of conversations and better monitor the evolution of your e-reputation.

The packages are scalable and are aimed primarily at companies, from very small businesses to multinationals.

6 – Mention


With Mention, you can set up different terms to monitor, related to your business, and the tool takes care of analyzing the content published on social networks, sites, forums and blogs. You can choose to be informed in real time or to transform your keywords into RSS feeds. The tool also offers you statistics concerning your alerts to better monitor the evolution of your e-reputation.

7 – Talkwalker Alerts


Talkwalker is one of the best alternatives to Google Alerts. It allows you to easily monitor your e-reputation or that of a competitor. What’s more, this tool is 100% free.

8 – Mediatoolkit


Mediatoolkit monitors over 100 million sources all over the world. Twitter profiles, Facebook, Youtube comments, forums, blog articles or site updates, nothing escapes him! You receive real-time alerts and can manage your dashboards to identify viral posts or analyze the overall sentiment towards your brand.

A 14-day trial is offered, then you can choose between several offers, including one free.



Owler is a simple and free tool to monitor your e-reputation and compare yourself to your competitors.

It includes a daily digest of industry news, company profiles, and comparative statistics about you and your competitors.

10 – Netvibes


Netvibes is a complete solution condensed into an easy-to-use dashboard. It allows you to monitor your company and your competitors in the news and on social networks, but also offers advanced analyzes linking your e-reputation and the performance of your website (traffic, conversion rate, etc.)

Free for individuals, Netvibes offers progressive and flexible rates for businesses.


With these 10 tools, you will know directly when an Internet user is talking about you, whether it is good or bad. In both cases, you can react quickly to calm an angry Internet user or thank a satisfied customer!

What tool do you recommend to our readers to monitor their e-reputation?

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