Do you feel alone in the face of the countless challenges of entrepreneurship?

Don’t panic: there are specialized organizations and networks in France that can become valuable partners and support you in your business creation project – not to mention the many financial aids you can benefit from.

Here are 10 that can boost you by bringing their stone to the building of your startup.

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Agence France Entrepreneur: support and assistance for businesses

Agence France Entrepreneur acts in favor of entrepreneurship at local and national levels.

To do this, it accompanies and monitors companies in the launch or development phase, with the help of support networks, financing or chartered accountants.

AFE also assists business buyers.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry: the association for business creation

business start-up organization

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) offer personalized support services, various tools as well as training and workshops to help business creators.

BPI France: the organization to finance business creation

business start-up organization

BPI France is another reference organization to help you create your business.

Its assistance is more of a financial nature with scholarships, cash advances or even bank guarantees.

Cooperate to undertake: the association to cooperate

business start-up organization

The Cooperate for entrepreneurship network allows you to create a business within an activity and employment cooperative.

It offers a secure framework to set up your project. By becoming a partner of a CAE, you benefit from streamlined administrative management, a training program or local support.

Entrepreneur network: the mutual aid association for business creation

business start-up organization

The Réseau Entreprendre is an association of volunteer business leaders whose objective is to help entrepreneurs with the potential to create jobs.

The network offers support, funding assistance and also access to a support network.

BGE: an organization with a dedicated advisor for your business

business start-up organization

BGE is an association offering a complete program to business creators, from project evaluation to development, including financing and market research.

You even have a dedicated advisor to guide you from A to Z.

Pôle Emploi: supports job search and business creation

business start-up organization

If the Pôle Emploi is known for supporting people looking for work, it can also support you in setting up a company (especially if you are unemployed).

With services like Activ’Créa, entrepreneurs benefit from a methodology and various tools to set up a coherent project, in addition to the various subsidies from Pôle Emploi.

France Angels: the organization to help finance businesses

business start-up organization

France Angels is a federation acting for the Business Angels of France, these individual investors who participate in the financing and creation of innovative companies.

Turning to France Angels is therefore a good solution for finding financing.

EGEE: the association of seniors to help business creation

business start-up organization

The EGEE (Entente des Générations pour l’Emploi et l’Entreprise) is an association of volunteer seniors intervening in particular in helping to create a business.

The principle: voluntary retirees pass on their expertise to help you build your project.

ADIE: the association for business creation and start-up

business start-up organization

Adie offers many solutions for startup creators: micro-credit, financing, insurance, support, etc.

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