How much money can I invest?

No matter how good a business looks, we cannot invest all our money in it. It is always important to save a percentage for any eventuality, since the economy is very changeable and any investment, no matter how good it may be, can go down without warning. So saving some money will help to overcome these types of situations.

We must design an action plan, with the exact amount of money that we can invest, we must prepare a budget, study the income, expenses, how much we save each month. Seeing all these answers, you can analyze the amount to invest.

Let’s remember that there are months of economic recession and every good businessman is prepared for this. Economies tend to shrink, the market weakens, among other aspects that we must investigate, in this way we will protect finances.

Some of the best investments for young entrepreneurs

There are many opportunities to investments for young peopleHere are some ideas that can be profitable:

1. Invest in gold, silver and precious stones

Investing in jewelry and its materials is always a great idea, since the prices of this type of product change and are revalued. They are not usually in high demand., but the risk of loss is very low since they are materials that are never devalued.

2. Save on foreign exchange

This type of investment will depend on the country where you live. If the currency of residence is weak, saving in foreign currency is an attractive business, since strong currencies do not depreciate.

3. Borrowing money

An excellent way to multiply the money saved is by becoming a lender, where interest is charged on the amount borrowed. At the time of receiving the payment, the stipulated percentage is added.

4. Make investments in cryptocurrencies

This can be an excellent business option for young investors. Of course, instability must be taken into account, since the value of cryptocurrencies can vary suddenly. We must remember that they are decentralized and that they are not governed by any entity.

5. Invest in a website

This is a way to earn money as a teenager online if you dedicate time and perseverance. We can sell a product or subscribe to affiliate systems with Amazon and thus generate passive income.

6. Sale of Technology

We can invest in the purchase of technological equipment in large wholesalers and market them in our country. It is a profitable business, as long as we are up to date with technological advances.

7. Give online courses

It is an excellent source of passive income and does not require a large investment, we just need to have a good social media strategy, and an ability to share and start an online business. Currently, social networks serve as channels for disseminating content, so if we are good at painting, drawing, designing creative calligraphy, we can take advantage of all means to impart our knowledge.

8. A specialty coffee shop

In Latin America, coffee consumption is growing and young millennials are revolutionizing the concepts of coffee shops, making them themed.

9. A mobile candy store

This can be a weekend business or for a few hours a day after school. It requires a small investment, we can sell cookies, cakes, sweet and savory crepes and cold drinks such as granitas, milkshakes and frappes. Designing a simple concept or something more elaborate and thematic, it all depends on the amount of money available to invest.

10. Import and sale of Chinese products

Many Chinese companies sell innovative products that we can market in our country, such as: clothing, shoes, makeup, video games, toys for pets, among others. If we want to make an investment, this option is an excellent alternative. We only have to study the market to define the need, it is also a perfect business for those who study since it does not require much time and the investment can be adjusted to the budget.

These are just some of the investment ideas to make regardless of age. Although we must not forget that one of the first aspects to consider is whether we can have our own bank account, in many countries there is the possibility of managing it together with the parents, and then becoming independent in the long term.

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