Catering is a very rich field, not only in terms of career development opportunities, but also in fulfillment. Working in catering can bring you many advantages: your days are never the same, which greatly contributes to giving more meaning to your job. In addition, you who love good dishes, this is the perfect opportunity to contribute to their development. You will also face a very varied audience every day, and develop dozens of other qualities.

In short, catering is a particularly interesting field because it is very formative, it is accessible to everyone, even people without a diploma, offers good salaries and is always open to recruitment.

Focus on the 10 best reasons that will make you want to work in the restaurant industry.

#1 Your job is to please

First of all, the very essence of your profession is sublime in the sense that it is to receive, to treat, to make smile, to delight both the taste buds and the morale and to bring together all the conditions for your guests to have a delicious time in your company. Whether you are a chef, second, clerk, or serving, your task will be to sublimate the dishes served to customers.

#2 You are never bored

The unexpected is legion in the middle: suppliers late, more customers than expected, tourists whose language you do not speak, absence of staff announced at the last minute, capricious weather… In short, the days follow one another and are not alike: you have to know to be polyvalent, a hunting adventure and anotherand along the way, enhances your ability to adapt and your “resourcefulness”, two resources that have become essential for you to work in the restaurant industry.

#3 The brigade, a real family

Alone, it is impossible to make a restaurant prosper. It is essential to know how to surround yourself, and to surround yourself well. It is often said that in the hotel and restaurant sector, team cohesion is essential! The challenges, difficulties and perfectionism specific to the environment create strong bonds between your team members and it is not uncommon to see a germinate frank camaraderie as well as a unwavering solidarity within the staff. And that is priceless!

#4 Beautiful encounters

Every day you welcome a heterogeneous clientele, in terms ofage, culture, personality, trades... Your exchanges vary according to the guests: after having pampered a charming grandmother, here you are having fun with the children, then moving on by remaking the world with their parents. The next moment, you introduce your specialties to tourists from distant lands who will take home the memory of this famous “homemade” Charolais tartare with truffle oil. Beyond the customers, you will also surely be called upon to work with the best craftsmen in France, who will make you discover succulent dishes.

Stars at your table

Finally, after rubbing your eyes many times and made the inevitable checks on Google, you see at the corner of a table, sheltered behind glasses, a celebrity whose stunts you admired on the big screen the day before. Needless to say, working in a restaurant allows you to meet people you would never have had the opportunity to meet outside your establishment !

#5 You eat well, for free

Rather pleasant as a benefit! You can to taste, And this freefrom wines, from cocktails, but also of succulent menus, carefully concocted by the chef, according to his desires, the season, the products… The opportunity for you to eat dishes that you would not necessarily have chosen to order during a visit to a fellow restaurateur. Needless to say, it’s good to work in catering 😉

#6 You become unbeatable on gastronomy

Not only do you now know all the appellations of the wines, but you also know what foods to pair them with. Your knowledge of French cultural heritage (or foreign) in its gastronomic dimension could not be more fleshed out and you are able to impress your friends during your dinners.

#7 You have what it takes for a successful private party

A room, plates, cutlery, a bar, a chef and provisions: you have all the elements available to organize a small celebration in your own way, invite your friends, your family and treat them. And you can even adapt the seating plan of the restaurant to make the party a success.

#8 An enriching personal experience

Faced with demanding and objecting customers, you had to learn to accept criticism, even when they are not constructive. You cannot choose the guests you welcome, but you can choose the attitude you will have towards them. So you have learned humility, patience, tolerance but you have also developed a deep sense of service and respect for others, because you know how unpleasant it can be to be deprived of a smile, a hello and other expressions of politeness. Thus, working in a restaurant prodigal of many moral qualities but also physical because it requires a lot of stamina and energy.

#9 You know how to savor certain moments

It is with immense joy that you become aware of therave reviews of Mr. Dupont who came to dine with the family the day before. That moment when you have the sense of accomplishment is dear to you, but it is not the only one. You also savor with delight the whole last moments of tranquility preceding the service ; they are the calm before the whirlwind. And, you know that the second the first customer walks through the door will mark the start of uninterrupted activity for a minimum of two hours, until the departure of the last guest, which will give way to the long-awaited sweet rest and a satisfied smile. You never thought you could do it, but you always do!

#10 Intense activity, which is the key to happiness

Several times a week and especially at the end of the week, the work in the restaurant industry takes on a whirlwind appearance. The activity becomes overwhelming and metamorphoses into a whirlwind of tasks that sends you running around and completely absorbs you until you forget about yourself. This state was defined by a famous psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, as being the “flow”, and involves a temporary loss of sense of time or self-awareness. In short, it means to be “all the way”. And that state, friends, that state according to many psychologists, would be the secret of absolute happiness!

To conclude

Now that you want to work in catering, it remains to know how to do it. If you’ve never taken a catering course, it’s not too late. Indeed, it is common to see people retraining to become a professional server. It is therefore quite possible to start from scratch and learn the basics of the trade. For example, you can work in fast food at the start of your career, then progress to a position as a server in traditional catering or in the kitchen (kitchen clerk or chef in a large restaurant, everything can be learned!).

Let’s take an example: the professional server is multitasking. At the same time dynamic, professional and diligent, the server must demonstrate great accessibility and punctuality for customers. It’s a job that raises great challenges: Managing tables, reservations, but also encouraging human interaction to make the customer experience unique… Passion remains the greatest quality for working in catering.

The hotel and catering sector is changing rapidly and adapting to the job market: recruitment is very active at the moment with a multitude of job offers for all types of jobs: bartender, waiter, kitchen assistant, dishwasher , versatile employee, etc. As a result, many open-ended positions are available, with sometimes very attractive salaries.

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