There are no longer any doubts, we are living in a global world where physical borders are blurred. The limits that separate us are shortened thanks to the internet, social networks and increasingly faster and more efficient means of transporting people and goods.

However, there are still barriers that need to be overcome: the language barriers that mean an obstacle for companies who want to export and for people who are looking for new experiences outside their countries of origin.

In this stage, the figure of the professional translator takes on a leading role never seen before and the translation career becomes an excellent job option for language lovers.

In this article we will reveal the secrets of the profession, you will discover what the translation agency is looking for in its team members and you will find the opinion of an expert agency in the language industry to learn about the job opportunities that dedicating yourself to your passion can offer you.

Versatility and self-management: the skills most valued by the translation agency

Its 15 years in the business, presence in more than 30 countries and vast experience working with professional translators from all over the world, make the Tomedes translation agency a benchmark when it comes to getting to know the behind-the-scenes of the sector and we turn to them to find out what employers are looking for today.

From the translation agency they point out that beyond language training, there are two skills they require to your professional translators: versatility and self-management.

The ability to adapt to projects of a different nature and work with colleagues and clients from all over the world is one of the essential characteristics to succeed, since the final results of each process depend on it.

They also highlight that self-management appears on the list of soft skills most desired, since it allows professional translators to advance in their tasks managing their own resources and time, always focused on meeting the requirements of each client and being aware that individual performance must enhance that of the translation agency.

Therefore, if you have these characteristics, you will not go unnoticed in the selection process, and once you are in the translation industry, you will have great opportunities to develop yourself.

What does the work of professional translators consist of?

As you may have noticed, the work of professional translators goes beyond translating from one language to another. Although they all work with one or more language pairs, the tasks they carry out within a translation agency depend on each project and the experience they acquire in one or more areas.


Responsible translators and proofreaders are assigned to each translation challenge and with each client the work is different.

Some contact the translation agency in search of solutions to personal problems that require the translation of documents; others do it with the aim of growing as a business in other countries, so the work is focused on promoting a company, its products and services in other languages.

You will see that the functions are diverse and that you can find your place according to your needs and abilities.

Opportunities offered by the translation industry

There are translators who choose to work on their own account (freelance), looking for their own clients, while others prefer to join a multinational company that constantly requires their services, as a stable part of their payroll. Other professionals, on the other hand, want to live the experience of being part of a translation agency.

In all cases, job opportunities within the translation industry are increasing and these are the best ways to take advantage of them.

Hiring and employment trends📈

After the digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic companies have modified both their selection processes and working conditions.

Today, both freelancers and translators who hope to join agencies find their clients and employers on social networks such as LinkedIn, where frequent activity sharing content of interest and simple applications open up a range of possibilities for remote interviews and for jobs of the most challenging that you can do from the comfort of your home with teams from all over the world.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to start working in the translation industry, optimize your profile and pay attention to the dozens of daily searches so you don’t miss any.

You can also join TranslatorsCafé, a directory of translators, interpreters and translation agencies where you can even share success stories and have a forum to exchange experiences with other translators. ProZ is another community with over 500,000 users where you can find your first job.

The most popular languages

As you know, to enter the world of work, it is increasingly necessary to speak two or more languages, even if you are not a translator.

This is because trade negotiations between countries advance, and Knowing and understanding more than one language becomes essential in almost all areas.

Small and medium-sized companies expand their offers by landing their products in different regions, and in all of them the requirements include everything from commercial, legal and administrative documents to advertising and promotional texts.

A) Yes, English, French, German, Chinese and Portuguese become the most sought after languages ​​among translators, because they are the ones that correspond to the destinations to which the largest number of companies aim, considering the agreements between countries, their customs policies and the tastes of the consumers they hope to seduce.

The transcreation of websites and advertising campaigns, the writing of technical specifications and user manuals for medical and industrial equipment, the preparation of prospectuses that accompany cosmetic and pharmaceutical products or the translation of contracts and commercial invoices are just some of the the tasks that are required in these languages ​​that allow international trade to continue to grow.

And you, what are you waiting for?🤷🏻

Training yourself in languages ​​is one of the best investments you can make to grow professionally, as it will give you the opportunity to immediately work on your own or be part of a team in a company. translation agency.

Whichever option you choose, everything indicates that the language services industry will continue to grow, and with it, the chances of finding a job that allows you.

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