the web designer designs and creates the visual identity of a website for which he creates all the graphic elements (illustrations, banners, animations…) according to the customer’s wishes and according to the target audience, marketing requirements and technical constraints. Objective: to attract future users of the site.

Under the responsibility of the project manager or artistic director, the web designer defines the product specifications: ergonomics, navigation mode, tree structure, script, visual and sound identity, graphical charter… He also takes care of the design of interfaces dedicated to e-commerce and e-marketing.

the web designer draws (on paper and with the graphic palette), creates models and retouches pages Internet, but he is not a simple performer: he has an overview of the final product.

In collaboration with the client and the project manager, the web designer directly supervises the work of graphic designers, graphic designers and web integrators. Depending on technical constraints, he often has to arbitrate between artistic and functional aspects.

Versatile, he must therefore have both artistic and technical skills. He is proficient in different graphic software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver… Notions in the handling of integration tools (XML, Javascript) are an asset.

the web designer can work in an agency web specializing in business communication or advertising, in a multimedia creation studio, in an online publishing house, an IT services company (IT engineering services company). Some choose to set up on their own.

Innovative, curious, methodical and organized, the web designer knows how to work in a team and often under pressure.

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