the social media manager oversees the e-reputation of a brand, a company on the Internet and on social networks.

He defines a social media strategy upstream in coordination with the marketing department to improve the visibility and image of the company: identification of targets and their needs, selection of social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Viadeo, Pinterest, youtube account; blogs, forums, etc., analysis of the company’s positioning on the web and social networks, definition of the editorial line.

Based on these strategic axes, it sets up an action plan (social media planning): optimization of referencing, identification and retention of influential bloggers, publication of content, customer loyalty.

the social media manager precisely monitors the evolution and results of these different actions using webanalytics tools, audience measurement tools or statistics (e.g. Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Linkfluence, etc.)

Ultimately, the objective is to better understand the behavior and reactions of Internet users in order to then propose relevant advertising campaigns adapted to the expectations of visitors. This regular and detailed monitoring of social networks also makes it possible to react quickly in the event of negative feedback, criticism, contentious remarks, questions.

the social media manager is recruited from large companies with an active brand strategy or marketing strategy, e-commerce sites or social networking platforms. In these large companies, the social media manager is a function in its own right which can even include specializations with other online marketing professions: brand manager, social business, content manager. According to the problem that the social media manager must manage, he may report to the marketing director (product marketing, customer relations), the HRD (HR marketing), the communications director or directly to the general management (brand image management).

In small companies, the position of social media manager is sometimes confused with the position of community manager, web referrer, traffic analyzer.

the social media manager can also practice within a communication agency. In this case, he is most often attached to the division director.

the social media manager masters the web and social networks and has proven skills in web marketing (content strategy, search marketing, affiliation, viral marketing, mobile marketing). He also masters the fundamentals of crisis communication and must be able to quickly make the right decisions in a crisis situation. It provides important monitoring work to keep informed of new developments and trends on the web (tools, uses, applications), competition, what is said about influential communities. A good oral and written expression (including in English) are essential for this job which closely combines communication and marketing.

The post of social media manager is open to people with at least 5 years of experience in web marketing (web communication manager, community manager, web project manager, media manager, product manager, etc.).
It should be noted that to hold this position, it is imperative to have a very good knowledge of the company and its culture, which necessarily implies a certain seniority.

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