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Find on the IT consultant job sheet all the useful information about this job: Salary, studies, training, role, IT consultant job description, the qualities and skills required to work as an IT consultant. The IT consultant profession is part of the IT field.

The profession of computer consultant (rome code M1806) revolves around the same missions as those of the traditional consultant, regardless of their work environment. It therefore has advisory and support functions, naturally specializing in the management of new technologies. Like his fellow management or strategy consultants, he can be internal to a company or seconded by a consulting firm. His specialization in NTIC (New Information and Communication Technologies) makes him the privileged interlocutor when it comes to optimizing elements such as intranet, internet, extranet, the computer machinery of a company, mobile applications etc.

Want to have more references? discover on the Pôle Emploi website, the ROME form “IT consultant”, code M1806.


What are other names for IT Consultant job?

The profession of computer consultant is very close to that of information technology consultant, also called ICT consultant or NTIC consultant.

IT consultant salary

What salary and how much does an IT Consultant earn?

The salary of a computer consultant usually depends on the level of expertise needed by the company that hires him. It will also be fixed according to the latter’s experience. In France, it is estimated to be within a range of 35,000 to 70,000 € gross per year. At the beginning of his career, the IT consultant can receive a salary of between 2,900 and 3,500 € gross per month. His net salary can therefore reach more than €2,200. His hourly rate will be more than 19 € gross, and more than 14 € net. The IT consultant generally has a first significant experience in IT. It is on the basis of this experience that he will most often be able to negotiate his salary with his employer. After several years as an IT consultant, the salary of this type of professional can be between 60,000 and 70,000 € gross per year. The net monthly salary potentially received can reach more than €4,500, depending on the profile. Whatever the level of experience of the IT consultant, he will have the choice to practice in a company or as an independent. If he chooses to set up his own business, he will be able to set the prices associated with these services himself. In principle, the more popular an IT consultant is, the higher his fees will be. However, he will not be able to claim bonuses such as the profit-sharing bonus, the participation bonus or a 13th month’s salary, which are reserved for the employee.

Job IT Consultant

Why and how to work as an IT Consultant?


  • Be able to work in many sectors dependent on NICTs
  • Be able to take care of many projects, sometimes large ones

The lessers

  • Being sometimes seconded by a consulting firm, it can be difficult to integrate into a company.

Necessary qualities and skills

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as an IT Consultant?

The IT consultant must necessarily demonstrate capacity, both technical and human. Thus, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the business world, its functioning, its activities, its strategy, its information systems, and even its culture when the consultant is seconded by his firm. Of course, he must have advanced technical skills, and in particular know the different facets of a company’s information system at his fingertips in order to carry out his daily missions. In terms of human qualities, it is also necessary to master all the subtleties of communication (oral and written), to demonstrate listening skills, empathy and diplomacy. In short, be aware of negotiation methods. It is indeed necessary to know how to federate around a project, lead a team, tasks all the more difficult when the IT consultant is only in the client company for a specific period. In terms of technical qualities, it is obvious that the IT consultant must have increased knowledge in the areas of the NICT market (computer equipment and software packages). He must also have the basics of project management and practice English at a professional level. More legal methods may also be required as bases in the design and drafting of commercial contracts.

Education and Training

What training and how to become an IT Consultant?

Regarding training, 3 levels of computer studies are possible:
Tray 3 :
At Bac +3, a student having followed a web project manager training having specialized in web development or leaving a specialized school training as a project manager in computer systems, can apply for a post of computer consultant.
Bac + 5:
At Bac +5, a graduate engineer in information and communication technologies, from the Institute of Computer Engineering of Limoges, CRESPA or even In’Tech Info, can claim to integrate a position of computer consultant. Other training courses at Bac +5 level are also possible, such as Master’s degrees in law, economics and management with specializations in engineering and management of organizations or in computer methods applied to management.
Bac + 6:
At the Bac +6 level, a master’s degree specializing in management of information systems and technologies leads to a career in the IT consulting sector.

Possible developments

What to do after IT Consultant?

The IT consultant, if he is competent and knows how to stand out, can hope to evolve quickly, whether he is internal or external to the company. If he is integrated into a consulting firm, he will be in charge of tasks with high responsibilities that will allow him to distinguish himself. After which years, the junior consultant can become a senior consultant and then an IT project manager.

Main employers

Which companies can hire an IT Consultant?

The main employers of IT consultants are consulting firms. Indeed, companies only periodically need such advisers and delegate the recruitment of consultants to these firms.


What qualifications are needed to become an IT consultant?

Degrees in different branches of computer science can lead to the profession of computer consultant. A computer engineering degree (generalist or specialized) can be a good entry point. Before getting there, it is possible to familiarize yourself with the field of IT from bac +2, by integrating a BTS SIO (Computer Services to Organizations), a BTS SN (Digital Systems) or a DUT Informatique . Then, diplomas from bac+3 to bac+5 in computer science will allow you to gradually increase your skills in this sector of activity.


What are the missions that you can carry out as an IT consultant?

The function of the IT consultant is to find appropriate technological solutions for organizations to benefit from a reliable and secure information system. This role encompasses several missions: analysis of customer needs, audit of the existing information system, advice, implementation of the most suitable IT solution for the company, staff training and monitoring of work to verify effectiveness. new technologies introduced.

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